Daring To Dance is the new meme.

The term is coined by The Daily Dot, which has been dubbing the trend “dancing church” since October.

The hashtag has become so popular that the Daily Dot recently had to delete it after people used it to promote their own videos.

But now, a new group is using the term to promote its own dance videos, which are more serious and dance-heavy than the old style.

The group is known as “daring church,” and the people behind the videos have no ties to The Daily Daring.

“The main reason I made this is because there’s a lot of people out there who aren’t as big as I am,” the people who created the videos told The Next World.

“They’re just dancing and having fun and it’s a fun thing to do.

But we’re not dancing to some random song, we’re actually dancing to a song that’s been dancing for years.

That’s a big part of the Daring meme.”

The videos are a mash-up of popular dance videos and a couple of popular songs from the 1980s.

For example, in the first one, a dancer dances with the theme song of the Disney film The Little Mermaid while another dances to “Walt Disney’s Theme Song” by the Beatles.

The videos also include a few clips of music videos and dance videos from other people.

The Daring church video was created in October.

It has been viewed more than 6,000 times, the Daily Dared reported.

The Dailydared contacted the Dancing Church for comment but they did not respond.

The Daily Dare reports that the videos started as a parody of popular YouTube videos.

The original videos were created by the group known as The Daring Church and were tagged #daringchurch.

In the latest video, the dancing church team is dancing to “Love Yourself” by Bruno Mars.

The dancing church is also the source of jokes.

One clip in particular, titled “The Dancing Dance Church,” was so funny that it was dubbed “The Coolest Daring Video Ever.”

“It’s really hard to believe that it’s actually happening,” a person who saw the clip told The Daily daring.

“The dancing is the real thing.

It’s just a group of people dancing and laughing and being themselves.”

The Dared reports that Daring is a brand name of an app that lets people create dance videos that people can share and share with friends.

It is a parody, but it does feature dancing.

“Daring is like being in a dance club and seeing a bunch of people in drag,” the person told The Dared.

“I mean, it’s fun.

The video is really fun.”

A person who participated in the dance group told The New York Times that people have been using the dancing videos to advertise their own YouTube channel and merchandise, such as shirts and mugs.

The group has a website where people can post and comment on the dancing churches videos.

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