A dance club in Halifax has offered free cat dances to those who want to go naked.

The club, called Cat Dance Nova Scotia, is located in the Halifax Town Centre.

The dance club is a part of Nova Scotia’s dance culture and cat lovers in the province have been known to go to the dance every year.

“Our goal is to make Nova Scotia a place where everyone can dance,” the club’s Facebook page reads.

“We hope to be a part in celebrating all that is beautiful in this beautiful province.”

It’s a policy the club hopes to carry out.

“The goal is that every night we have a nude dance where we will have people dance naked, and then we will do cat dance,” a club spokesperson told CBC News.

“If we get a lot of people in a room, it’s not so much about what’s in the room, but about whether the people are comfortable, and that’s our goal.”

The Cat Dance Halifax is one of two cat dance clubs in the country that offer free cat dance parties.

Other Nova Scotia clubs that offer cat dance nights include the Cat Dance in Halifax, The Cat in the Park, Cat and Cat Club, and Cat and Dog Club.

Halifax’s Cat Dance has been hosting nude cat dance classes for more than 20 years.

It was created in 2006 by Nova Scotia-based dance club dancer, Michelle Pugh.

“It was my first experience at a nude dancing party,” Pugh told CBC.

“I was actually just a little kid and I was fascinated by the idea.

It really appealed to me and I kept going back and going back, and this was the first time that I had the opportunity to do something like this.”

Pugh says she was inspired to create the club because she didn’t know where else to go for a cat dance.

“This is something that’s so much more fun than just dancing with a cat.

I think the people who are dancing are a lot more excited about it,” Prits said.

“A lot of the people that have been dancing naked, they are a little bit embarrassed.

You can really see their reactions.”

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