Dancing with Dads is a show about a modern dance band from London, set in the 1970s.

The show follows a troupe of modern dance performers, who travel the world performing their own brand of modern-day music.

They are accompanied by dancers and choreographers who have been influenced by a variety of genres.

Dancers are shown choreographing a contemporary dance, and in many scenes they have been shown performing choreographed dance, such as a modern-style bop.

The characters on the show are not real dancers.

Instead, they are created by the producers, who have created a fictional version of the modern dance group.

The producers have created fictional versions of dance groups, and have created new dances that have been used in the show.

The series is produced by BBC Worldwide, and is a part of its series of dance series, which also includes Dancers, The Future Dance and The Dance Party.

The actors who play the characters in the series have been chosen from a range of dance styles, including contemporary, contemporary, modern, and pop.

The main characters of the show, who include DJ, producer and choreographer, are also real dancers, and the show takes place in the UK.

In addition to the fictional characters, the show has been shown on the BBC’s iPlayer and BBC iPlayer Classic.

The production of the series was made possible by the BBC Worldwide Partnership with the British Dance Theatre.

The programme has also been made available on YouTube.

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