Dancers at a dance school in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou wore cat-patterned outfits that featured cat ears, tails, ears and tails of cats on their heads, according to local media reports.

They said the outfits were meant to be a “memento mori” for the students who passed their dance class.

The cat-themed outfits were also made to be seen by the audience.

The students also wore cat costumes during a public performance, local media reported.

The dance school, located in Zhengzhou, China, said the costumes were meant for the audience, according a report from China News Service.

Dancers at the Zhengzhou dance school wore cat themed outfits that included cat ears on their head, according Chinese state media outlet China Central Television.

The cat costumes were made for the crowd and were meant “to create a memento for the participants and to look a bit like cats,” the Zhengzheng Dance School said in a statement.

Last month, cat ears were worn during a street party in China, according CNN.

A cat costume can be seen in the background during a Chinese dance at a nightclub in the city of Dongshan in Beijing.

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