A video has emerged of Sophia Dance Mama and Chainsaws Man dancing with each other in a scene from the upcoming Sophia Dance film, which is scheduled for release in the UK on July 27.

The clip shows the couple dancing in a restaurant, where Sophia dances with Chainsaw in a full-body outfit and Chainsawed mans the scene.

The scene was first uploaded on YouTube in February and was then deleted on July 28.

Sophia Dance Mamas Facebook page has also deleted the video, saying that the footage has been removed due to copyright issues.

The footage was originally posted on March 20 and has been watched more than 10,000 times.

Sophia’s father, Anthony, told the BBC that Sophia is a dancer who loves the world and would like to become a choreographer.

She’s always wanted to go into acting and we’re all really proud of her.” “

She loves to learn, she loves to do it for herself and she loves it.”

She’s always wanted to go into acting and we’re all really proud of her.

“The video was uploaded to Sophia’s Facebook page on March 21.

Anthony told the website: “I am really proud that Sophia’s been able to come into her own as a dancer and I am sure that she’ll find a career in the industry as well.”

Sophia Dance Mothers Facebook page had also previously deleted a video of Sophia performing the same dance with a chainsaw.

The video featured Sophia dancing with chainsaw hands tied behind her back and the chainsaw hanging from her waist.

The music video, which Sophia posted to her Facebook page, was titled ‘Sophia’s Chainsaw Hand Worship’.

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