Charlie Brown is back and he’s joined by some of his most beloved dancers.

The award-winning actor has joined the cast of his BBC television show, Charlie Brown, in a performance on Wednesday night at the BFI Theatre in London.

The BBC will present the new series of the comedy, which features special guests from the BFA’s Dancing with the Stars team, as part of the BBC’s special ‘BAFTA Day’ celebrations.

The performance was part of an hour-long special series of BBC shows, The BAFTA Awards, that included the unveiling of a new award.

The special series features an eclectic mix of performances including the award-winners, the BBC, and other broadcasters and celebrities, as well as a range of celebrities who have been honoured.

The BAFTA Award is presented each year at the annual dinner for the BBC Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (BBCATAS) and is given to the most outstanding work of British television.

The event, which takes place at the BBC Arena in London, will air on Wednesday nights at 9pm on BBC One.

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